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Hywin Wealth is one of the largest third-party wealth management institutions in China, as well as one of the wealth management companies in China that have been proved by market cycles. In 2018, when the new regulations governing the asset management sector was implemented, Hywin Wealth continued its upward momentum despite the challenges to the industry. This achievement would not have been possible without the trust of the clients, and the company's stringent compliance system, steady business operations and forward-looking strategic planning. Currently, Hywin Wealth is working with an international thinktank to formulate and implement its second five-year strategy.
The first five-year strategy (2014-2018):

Hywin Wealth joined hands with McKinsey, a world-renowned management consulting company, to define the first five-year development strategy (2014-2018) from a global perspective, i.e. the "One Body and Two Wings" strategy. In the meantime, the company set up the family office business to build a proposition covering multiple dimensions of UHNW families, wealth planning using offshore tools, as part of an effort to offer integrated wealth management and wealth planning services.

"One Body and Two Wings": Excellent services as the "body", and online and offline platforms as the two "wings" of a multi-faceted servicing regime.
  • Excellent services as the body: Hywin strengthens its research and servicing capabilities according to customer demand in an effort to create an integrated wealth management system featuring bespoke investment consulting services that create client value.
  • Online and offline platforms as the two wings: Hywin is dedicated to building a professional, reliable, and elite team of financial advisers offline; and to establishing an independent platform online to provide end-to-end financial management and asset allocation consulting services.
The second five-year strategy (2018-2022):

By the end of 2017, Hywin Wealth had fulfilled the objectives set in the first five-year strategy. Anticipating new opportunities and challenges, Hywin Wealth joined hands with Roland Berger, a well-known international consulting firm, to propose a new five-year development strategy (2018-2022), i.e. the strategy of "One Core, Two Complements, and Three Breakthroughs".

"One Core, Two Complements and Three Breakthroughs ": Breakthroughs must be achieved across the board to foster multiple growth engines.
  • One Core: wealth management. It is important to activate all resources to upgrade the business model for in-depth development.
  • Two Complements: new businesses, i.e. mutual funds, overseas wealth planning. Three Breakthroughs: family offices, institutional business, and international business. Direction and strategy must be articulated so that breakthroughs can be made in these growth businesses.
The second five-year strategy enhanced: "Wealth + Height/Depth/Breadth" model
  • + Height: Hywin will develop a robust long-term management regime to create lasting growth momentum.
  • + Depth: Hywin will put customers at the center of everything it does by optimizing its services and exploring more channels in targeted regions for business upgrade.
  • + Broadness: Hywin will expand service spectrum and business models to achieve quantum leaps.