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About Shanghai Hywin Philanthropic Foundation

Shanghai Hywin Philanthropic Foundation is a non-public charitable foundation sponsored by Hywin Group. Subject to the supervision of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, Hywin Philanthropic Foundation has a startup funding of RMB 5 million yuan. The foundation is committed to supporting the elderly, underprivileged children, military veterans and the poor. Its acts of benevolence have won it the Outstanding Philanthropic Project of the Year award granted by China Charity Festival from 2017 to 2019, and have received wide attention and recognition from all walks of life.
Supporting underprivileged children to pursue their academic dreams

Enabling children living in rural areas to change their lives through education

Hywin Philanthropic Foundation has carried out a series of philanthropic activities, with a focus on funding underprivileged children to pursue their academic dreams, in DaLiangshan, Wenchuan, Zunyi, among other 10 places.
Respecting, loving, and helping the elderly

To be someone the elderly can rely on

Hywin Philanthropic Foundation has gathered a number of volunteers to help the elderly, especially the empty-nesters, in various regions across the country.
Loving China, Supporting the Government, Caring for the veterans

Supporting the veterans after they retire

Hywin Philanthropic Foundation has pooled every resource possible to help the veterans after they retire from service.
Green Life, Environment, Civic Duties

Contributing to the China's effort to achieve social harmony

Hywin philanthropic Foundation has launched a series of environmental activities, e.g. to advocate waste sorting and recycling.
Community and Contributions

Making Hywin's love felt by more people

Hywin philanthropic Foundation has established volunteer teams, with a total of over 500 people, in more than 40 cities across China, to perform various civic activities and community services.
Supporting education, Cultivating talent

Boosting the development of education in rural areas

Hywin philanthropic Foundation has supported the training of teachers from Zunyi, Guizhou Province and other places and arranged their learning visits to Shanghai, as part of the efforts to help improve the level of education in poor areas.
Creating a loving environment where children spend their time happily and meaningfully

Enabling children to grow up in a loving environment

Hywin philanthropic Foundation has held summer camps, study tours, among other activities, for children, so that they can spend their time more happily and meaningfully during breaks.
Enhancing the quality of life by building a healthy lifestyle

Safeguarding your health

Hywin philanthropic Foundation has held TCM healthcare activities to provide Hywin's clients with scientific guidance on how to live a healthy life.