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Service System Tiers Note:
For the details of all tiers and the rules for upgrading and downgrading, please consult your dedicated investment advisor or call the national customer hotline 400-186-8186.
Black Diamond Club Black Diamond
Exclusive Diamond Club Golden diamond
Yellow Diamond
White Diamond
Privilege Club Platinum
White Gold
Basic Silver
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We are dedicated to meeting the multi-faceted needs of our members by continuously upgrading and optimizing the privileges we offer, which primarily consist of “investor education", "health management" and "exclusive privileges". Our goal is to make the life of our clients easier by helping with their work, health management, and lifestyle pursuits, among other needs in life.

Black Diamond Club: Tons of Privileges Await
Access to annual health checks at international medical institutions, and overseas study tours
Access to philanthropic projects, as well as children's education and career planning services industry heavy-weights at annual conferences
Access to exclusive and customized birthday gifts, and Black Diamond Butler services Join us for more privileges

Hywin Wealth has a professional call center service team, with the aid of intelligent customer service robots, which work seamlessly with human customer service personnel. The robots can not only answer customers' questions and provide suggestions and guidance, but also support the identification and conduct small talks. In addition to the abundance of business knowledge it has, the robots serve also as a friend capable of routine greetings and casual talks. Its anthropomorphic presence makes customer services more fun and interactive, thus greatly improving user experience.

Multiple channels have been employed, including official website, WeChat public account, and app to provide Hywin’s clients with accurate and high-quality automated Q&A services, 24/7, for optimal online responsiveness of the customer service system.
How to check and apply for privileges of different tiers
Step 1:For all member, scan the QR code of “Hywin Wealth WeChat Services” and follow Hywin's WeChat Subscription Account;
Step 2:Go to the "Member" interface and select "Binding" to verify your mobile phone number and login password before entering the "Pocket Hywin" app (for first-time use, you may need to complete the registration process first)
Step 3:Click "My" to enter "My Privileges" interface and then select the "Tiers" icon to get access to the details and descriptions of the privileges of all tiers;
Step 4:Members who have reached a certain tier can apply online for the privileges of that particular tier (some privileges cannot be applied online). Dedicated personnel will then be assigned to complete the process.
Alternatively, our customer service hotline 400-186-8186is available for consultation and appointments for services that are not supported online. If you call as a “Black Diamond Member”, the system will automatically identify and put you on the“Black Diamond Butler” line where dedicated personnel will be assigned to provide you with exclusive services.