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  • Private Wealth Management
  • Services for Institutional Clients
  • Family Wealth Inheritance
  • Investor Education
Menu-based Product Management System

The linkage between Hywin Fund and its product suppliers can be likened to an efficient Michelin restaurant. We exert stringent control over product selection, sales, and continuation with the ultimate aim to serve customers with delicious and wholesome foods.

Product Planning

  • We conduct joint planning with product providers at the beginning of each year to get a clear idea of product supply in the following year, and on that basis, develop an annual product roadmap.

Product Screening and Sales

  • We develop product supply plans based on the results of monthly strategy meetings, and screen products in accordance with market demand. Once the plans are approved by the product review meetings, the products will be launched.
Risk Assessment Process
Robust Product Management Team
Product Strengths

Hywin Fund Distribution Co., Ltd. has an excellent product R&D team. Committed to presenting quality products to customers, the team selects high-quality projects nationwide and develops the market in a professional, practical and innovative manner.
Hywin Fund has established strategic partnerships with a number of domestically- and internationally-leading securities companies, fund management companies, and banks. It has established a sound risk control system and a robust compliance management team, which conducts in-depth investigation and analysis of product structures, evaluates product safety, compliance, market scarcity and tailoring requirements, and provides services throughout the life cycle of products.

Product Lines
Product Lines Alternative fixed incomes Mutual funds Securities Equities Overseas investments Other
Product type property funds
bond funds
short-term quasi fixed income funds
cash management funds
quasi fixed income management funds
Money Market Fund
Stock Fund
Bond Fund
Hybrid Fund
Index Fund
FOF Fund
secondary market funds
private placement funds
securities FOFs
quantitative hedge funds
futures and derivatives funds
VC/PE funds
real estate equity funds
New Third Board funds
M&A funds
equity FOFs
overseas hedge funds
other overseas funds
film and television funds
and other innovative funds
Services for Institutional Clients
  • Asset allocation:We develop asset investment and wealth management plans for institutional clients according to the nature of their assets and their financial parameters, to achieve a balance between customer expectations and risk tolerances.
  • Tax planning:We provide diversified tax planning solutions for institutional clients, in light of the characteristics of their services and the design of their organizational architecture.
  • Industry research:Such research aims to identify a range of factors that influence institutional clients' investment decisions, from the macro market to regulatory policies and industry cycles.
One-stop Family Office Services
  • Wealth Management
    • Financial Health Diagnosis
    • Portfolio Allocation
    • Bespoke Financial Services
  • Family Governance
    • Family Charter
    • Family Equity Governance
    • Charity Management
  • Wealth Inheritance
    • Children's Education
    • Family Trust and Insurance at Home and Abroad planning
  • Value-added Services
    • Tax and Citizenship Planning
    • Legal Consulting
Flexible Custom Services
Family inheritance planning requires long-term vision and is subject to constant adjustments due to changes in governmental policies, nationalities of family members, and the trends in the investment markets. In particular, in recent years, HNW families are more concerned about CRS and individual tax reforms, among other tax issues. Wealth inheritance is not an issue that stands alone, but requires a holistic bespoke solution, covering lawyers, tax accountants, and investment consultants, among other issues, developed by a professional team.
  • Tax Reform
  • CRS Impact
  • Citizenship Change
  • Governmental Policies
  • Family
  • Investment
Hywin Education—Beyond Wealth Management
  • Premium Overseas Study Tours
    • Visit to Warren Buffett's Shareholders Meeting
    • Philanthropic Study Tours to Africa
    • Study Tours for Bhutan Mindfulness
    • European Art and Philanthropic Study Tour
  • Bespoke Courses for Investors
    • Behavioral Finance (In Real Life)
    • Nine Types of Investment Mentalities Explained
    • Investment Story: World Café Workshop
  • Bespoke Private Advisory Board
    • Wealth-themed Private Advisory Board
    • Corporate Executive-themed Private Advisory Board
Investment Strategy Conference—A Boost to Investor Education
Hywin Wealth is committed to providing diversified and professional value-added services to Chinese investors. The company holds investment strategy conferences, among other value-added service activities, annually to bring premium experience to customers by meeting their individual needs. These activities gather investors in one place to discuss the economic trends and identify investment opportunities.